Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Official

1. I'm Drunkkkkkkkkk!

2. "Amazing" by Kanye is the best song to listen to while waiting for the streetcar. Or walking to work. Or getting ready to go out with your betches. Or generally in life when you need to feel high. You can disagree, but I'll find you, and cut you. Actually this whole GD album is incredible. I was such a hater at first! For so long!!! Oh, forgive me your ego-ness! I love thee as much as always!!! Memories made in the coldest winterrrr..... sorry. I'm listening to the shit right. now. Nathan is coming to kill me soon, I can feel it....but still: streelights...glowing... no. stop m.

oohhh did I mention I'm drizazzlunk?

Which brings me to my NEXT POINT: !!!

3. Drinking On Mondays = YES. It's the new everything.

4. The prodigal son returns on Saturday! Riots permitting, of course. I'm going to slap him in the skull hole for his sins. Who's with me!

Aaaaaaand scene!

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  1. Flamingo SpidermanApril 14, 2009 at 9:36 AM

    You gonna tell me how E is doin, or do I have to read between the lines and ASSUME that he's cumming home on Sat?

    Check Me out...... http://rantingflamingospiderman.blogspot.com